Kaeng Krachan National Park



Kaeng Krachan National Park was established in 1981 and it is currently the largest National Park in Thailand near the province of Phetburi. The park HQ is about 4 hours drive from Bangkok.
The highlights for trekking in the park are the majestic Kaeng Krachan Lake and the Khao Panoen Thung mountain which is 1207m above sea level.


On the mountain top, grassland and evergreens forest make a good camping spot, with cool temperature all year round.


The view from the top includes a beautiful panorama of green forest, mountains, sunrises and sunsets, and the “sea of fog” formed when mists fill the valleys in the early morning. At the mountain top, the entire mountain range that runs from the north to the south which separate Thailand and Myanmar is clearly visible.


Another highlight is the Thonthip Waterfall about 1 day trekking from Khao Panoen Thung mountain. The waterfall marks the end of the trek where trekkers can have a cool dip in the waterfall before hopping onto a 4×4 landrover back to the park HQ.