Ulu Sedili

Ulu Sedili 4×4 Eco Exploration


Ulu Sedili Falls (Mersing)
ulu-sedili-1It’s a two-hour drive from Singapore through the shades of oil-palm trees. Once off road, we travel through unused logging tracks into the virgin rainforest and begin to experience the sights, sounds and smells of a different world. We traverse log bridges across many rivers and streams. We make camp by the banks of a slow lazy river and enjoy her cool clear water; swimming, fishing and catching frogs for porridge supper. After a good meal and a night’s restful slumber, we trek down to this unspoiled cascading paradise to relax under her cool spray, unknotting the stress and worries of the concrete jungle.


Eco Camp at Mawai


ulu-sedili-2MAWAI Eco Camp, is situated by the Sedeli river, at Mawai Lama, north of Kota Tinggi town. It is designed by Singaporean architect, Mr Tay Kheng Soon, (former S’pore Scout’s Commissioner). The unique part of the camp is that, there are no wall panels, to obstruct your view of the surrounding forest.


Mawai Eco Camp is designed for the outdoor enthusiasts, youth/students, adults etc with the objective to instil outdoor initiation, an eye for nature and also, you are taught by experienced wardens to recognize birds, mammals, plants, trees, outdoor skills, campcraft, first-aid, orienteering, jungle survival and conservation. Excellent for weekend retreat and you are instantaneously absorbed by the vibrant jungle atmosphere and the “ulu” ambience.

Ulu Sedili Falls – Basic Information

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