Endau Rompin

Endau Rompin Eco Camp (Endau, Johor)


endaurompin1Endau Rompin Eco Camp is located in Kampong Peta within the National Park Head Quarter of Endau Rompin nature reserve. This is the Nature Education and Research Centre (NERC) complete with dormitory for 80pax, library, seminar room and a dry laboratory. The accommodation for Eco Camp is a dormitory for up to 80pax. Surrounded by forest patches and nestled next to the Endau River, the NERC is a perfect place to appreciate nature and improve one level of environmental awareness. Near the dormitory, there is a visitor complex which houses the park headquarters, an information gallery, library, meeting or AV room, souvenir shop, multi-purpose hall, and briefing centre.


endaurompin2Endau Rompin is one of the very few remaining large tracts of lowland and tropical rainforests in Peninsula Malaysia with a core area of undisturbed natural vegetation which has existed for millions of years. The park is home to a vast assemblage of plant life, a primary sanctuary for large mammals like the Sumatran Rhinoceros, Asian Elephants, Tigers, Malayan Sun Bears, Tapirs and many other forms of wild life such as more than 230 species of birds, 43 fishes, 26 frogs, 14 snakes, 9 lizards, 3 turtles, and 179 butterflies, some of which are threatened with extinction and not found elsewhere in the world.