Gunung Lambak

Gunung Lambak Exploration


glambak1Gunong Lambak is the most climbed ‘neighbourhood’ mountain in Malaysia. The mountain forms an imposing landscape overlooking the town of Kluang.


It is in fact adopted by the people of Kluang as a local leisure venue. The locals actually form a climbing cum conservation club to manage and maintain the mountain trails.


The twin peaked mountain has summits at 510 m above sea level. The route to the summit is 1.3 km long, which only takes seasoned local folk an hour to ascend.


glambak2The initial ascent is gradual through tropical rainforest and it gets tougher after the midway resting point. From there a steep and almost vertical climb awaits the trekker which requires the use of all four limbs. However there are fixed ropes to assist the trekkers. It is however good to ensure your hands are free during the climb. It is definitely physically challenging for first timers.


The summit will reward you with a panoramic view of the Kluang district.


For some people, the descent may be more challenging than the ascent.


The summit is open enough for camping, however a water source may be unavailable.