Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm



KOREF is uniquely a free and easy back-to-nature health enhancing organic lifestyle farm, with life enrichment programmes, jungle trekking, bamboo rafting, organic meals, fruits and vegetables, ducks, fishes, animals, premium quality dragon fruits, community supported agriculture and more. KOREF adapted a fully integrated agro-eco farm with pollution free river water for irrigation of the rice fields, fish breeding etc, sustaining the ecological organic agriculture system. The Farm was awarded full organic certification in December 2005 by the Malaysian Agriculture Ministry after a monitored stringent conversion period since 2000.


KOREF is located in Kluang district, Johor. It is the southern-most rice farm in Peninsular Malaysia and thereby the Asia continent. It is also the only organic rice farm in West Malaysia, adopting the total integration approaches of biological diversity in its farming system. The farm has a total area of 120 hectares and is nestled next to the Lenggor Forest Reserve, part of he greater forest reserve of Gunong Belumut, the highest mountain in the southern part of Johor state. Water for the farm is channelled by irrigation canal from the clean water of Sungei Madek.


Biological diversity is the key component in organic rice farming. Freshwater aquatic life abounds here in the farm, which includes shrimps, amphibians, molluscs, insects and more than 20 species of freshwater fishes. Ducks and aquatic plants like the azolla are used in abundance as part of the integrated farming approach.


Some of the adventure and recreational facilities include a white sand beach swimming lagoon with water channelled in from Sungei Madek and an Asli Water Obstacles course built totally over a man-made pond about the size of a football field is used for confidence and team building activities.


Other facilities include a four-room chalet, dormitories, camping ground, floating “Asli’s house”, swimming lagoon, canteen and multi purpose hall.