Selai National Park



Selai is the western gateway to Johor’s famed Endau-Rompin National Park. It is still a pristine lowland tropical rainforest. It actually encompassed two-thirds of the Park’s – 48,500 ha area of 260 million years old rainforest in the world!


Selai lies in the core area of Endau-Rompin National Park, at the foothills of Gunung Tiong(1024 m high). The vegetation here is untouched by man preserved virgin and pristine for centuries. Hiking across Selai entails scenic river crossings via rope bridges and hopping along the boulders that dot the River. No matter how long you trek, the exhilarating sound of water rushing over rocks is never far away. There are no less than 20 waterfalls around the park and the most spectacular is Takah Tujuh or Takah Tinggi that spreads over an elevation of seven tiers. It has such an atmospheric quality that the Orang Aslis says spirits dwell in its upper reaches. Hornbills flying across the river during the fruiting season can be vocal and a breathtaking sight. The Argus Pheasant is often heard in the depth of the forest. The forest here is so rich that it beckons you to spend more time and be absorbed by the serenity and tranquil green world.


The terrain here is rugged, the facilities minimal and basic making the whole experience as authentic as it can get. Discover the lowland tropical rainforest with its myriads of insect life, birdlife and plantlife. Night falls swiftly in the forest but the forest takes on a totally different character-with the nightlife comes alive, every sound seems more pronounced. Selai is special. There is a sense of adventure in the air of exploring a country that is unexploited and little known.