Sungei Sedili Besar Kayaking

Sungei Sedili Besar Kayak Expedition


Sungei-Sedili-Besar6Sungei Sedili Besar has its source from Gunung Panti Forest Reserve. Its entire length is about 100km winding through Tunjuk Laut and Mawai and eventually towards the South China Sea at Tunjung Sedili. Kayaking expedition start from either Tunjung Sedili river inwards to Kampong Sentosa or Vice Versa depending on the tide and the flow of the river. This will make the kayaking much easier. The expedition distance is about 8km. Along the way, our Nature Guide will explain the rich Flora & Fauna of Sedili Mangrove forest at the closest distance. Kayaking Orientation course will be conducted at the Resort Pond for novice kayakers. Experienced and qualified Kayak instructors will assist and lead the expedition accompanied by Safety Power Boat to ensure Safety is not compromised.


A practice session will be carried out at Sedili Resort Pond to familiarize the kayakers the basic and safety of kayaking. Only when our instructors pass the participants’ competency are they allowed to go for river kayaking.