Tunjuk Laut

Gunung Tunjuk Laut Exploration


tlaut1Gunung Tunjuk Laut (380m.) as the name implies in Malay, means “lookout to the sea.” It is the highest point north of the Mawai/Sedeli swamp forest.


This high point is isolated from the northern limit of the Sedeli region.


Kapur trees (Dryobalanops aromatica) are in abundance here whereas they are not found in Panti.


Vegetable farms, cultivated land and oil palm plantations are found around the surrounding foothills of Gunong Tunjuk Laut. The forest though previously logged is still relatively intact. Judging from the track prints, mammals are especially active in this area at night. Bird life is also relatively active.


tlaut2Of botanical interest is the abundance of Tongkat Ali plants. (Eurycoma longifolia) The summit area has swamp forest vegetation like the Perupok (Pandanus recurvatus) and Kemunting cina (Malastoma beccarianum).


The Great Argus pheasant is often heard here. Arowana is also found here in the nearby upper reaches of Sedili Besar River.


The trek involves taking the boat up the Sedili Besar River for an hour and thereafter a trek of about 3 hours on an undulating track to reach the summit.


The area can also be approached by dirt road from the 17th mile turn-off along the Kota Tinggi-Mersing trunk road.


On a clear day from the summit, one is able to see the South China Sea including Pulau Tioman and the town of Mersing.