Tunjung Piai National Park



Tanjung Piai National Park covers an area of over 926ha, 526 ha of which are coastal mangroves. Its 8km shoreline borders the Straits of Malacca. The park shelters an array of fauna and flora. The forest here consists of 20 true species of mangrove and 9 mangrove-associated species thrives here. The Long-tailed Macaque and the Dusky leaf-monkey are found here in the mangrove. Tg Piai mudflat is teeming with crabs, cockles, lizards and mudskippers and exposed when the tides subsides. Tg Piai Johor National Park is now a “RAMSAR” site that is vital for waterbirds to feed and refuel before resuming their annual migration across the East Asian Flyway.


Tg Piai is situated in the district of SERKAT, with many kampong houses, swaying palms, coconut groves, fruit orchards, mangroves, sprawls on this quiet, quaint and tranquil, picturesque village. Life is unsullied by commercialism and unhurried here, amidst the coconut groves. Come and experience this rustic kampong ambience.


We will stay in private chalets (on raised platform over the sea), air-con room, twin beds and with attached bathroom. The night sky here is studded with stars like jewels in the sky on a moonless night. It is a haven for birders, mountain-bikers, backyard astronomers and a great getaway for weekenders.


A trip to Tg Piai is not complete without visiting Kukup Island as it is the second biggest mangrove island in the world and is also a RAMSAR site. Walk along the boardwalk and climb the tower, located towards the end of the boardwalk that offers a panoramic view of this unique island.