Eco Education

eco_edu_activityEDU conducts eco-education in all our camps.


A wide-ranging form of outdoor activities coupled with indoor briefings is used to highlight the ecology of the habitats in and around the campsites.


Such activities like trekking through tropical rainforest, freshwater swamp forest and plantations with experienced guides are both healthy and educational.


Boat cruises along the Sedili Besar River provides a comfortable and relaxing way to appreciate the flora and fauna.


In Mawai Eco Camp, a night boat cruise to watch fireflies congregating among the riverine vegetation is a wonderful way to end a magical evening.


Whether it is by walking or by boat, bird watching and plant identification is conducted to showcase the biodiversity of the different habitats.


eco_edu_activity1In Kahang Eco Camp, organic farming is introduced as a more sustainable and eco-friendly way compared to current farming method. Participants can have hands on experience in organic farming. Ducks, freshwater fishes and aquatic plants are used as a form of pest control instead of pesticides and weed killers.



In Marine Eco Camp, one can wade through the various coastal habitats like rocky shores; sandy mudflats and mangrove lined sandy coast, examining the marine life that thrives there. At night, the adventure continues with the myriad of marine creatures hauled up from the kelong net.