Inter-disciplinary Project Work

IPW_studentAll EDU camps are conducive for a variety of educational projects that incorporate elements of the outdoor environment. Participants are introduced to nature and real life while enjoying a camp lifestyle. By calling upon their knowledge of various educational subjects (e.g. mathematics, science, languages, etc.) in order to complete their projects, we also emphasise the interdisciplinary aspect of the work being performed.


These projects will be beneficial both to the participants and the camps concerned and are not hypothetical, mental exercises. These are also long-term projects and may run over a period of several months to a year. This requires data collection to be collated over a period of time to provide significant results for data analysis. In order to ensure continuity, participating groups will be provided with the necessary background information to understand the rationale of the project and the role of each group in the work performed. The results can be used to apply the research into real life projects.


IPW_student1On completion of a project, the data and results can be compiled into a publication that will be made available to the participants.


Examples of projects include a feasibility study of ecotourism in a remote island chain and how an effective irrigation system can be created with the use of a riverine system. These projects bring in the elements of mathematics, science, sociology, languages and other skills. Participants will be instructed in the proper techniques where necessary. Familiarity with data loggers will be an important part of project work.



IPW_student2By the end of each outing, we hope to provide participants with an enjoyable experience in an outdoor camp environment while applying their scholastic knowledge in real-life situations. We also hope to provide a meaningful and satisfying experience in having participants create something that can be used. We welcome return visits in order to for participants to see how their work has been used and continue to be applied.


We have testimonies of very successful IPW camp conducted for Commonwealth Secondary School at Marine Eco Camp, Catholic Junior College at KOREF Camp, Queenstown Sec Sch at Mawai Eco Camp and so on. Their project work focuses on ecotourism and the works involved habitat study; interviewing the locals and surveying surrounding islands. They all culminated in a school wide presentation in video, charts, story telling and posters.


Through the partnership with schools in carrying out IPW, school like Catholic Junior College which has partner us since 2003 has also attend Gold Status in National Youth Achiever Awards (NYAA) for most of their students within 2 years and programmes are still on going. CJC is now the leader in NYAA for education institution.