Overseas Community Service Learning

Overseas Community Services (Values In Action)


Due to the nature of our business, we travel to many remote places in Asia and South East Asia, we come across villages and interact with the local communities. There are lots of meaningful community service works we can offer to the local communities such as teaching of English, teaching of basic Information Technology, setting up of a library system, construction of Solar Energy facilities, construction of communal toilet, construction of drainage system for farm irrigation, and so on.


EDU deals with the community directly without going through a third party (i.e. Travel company) thereby reducing the business cost of establishing the links and contacts. EDU also has good relation and connection with the local government particularly Malaysia (Kota Tinggi district government ) , Indonesia (Riau Island) , Thailand (Kanchanaburi and Petcheburi province) and China (Guangdong Jiangmen & Qingyuan). All the above regions are relatively backward and under developed but they are easily accessible from Singapore.