Overseas Sports Enrichment

Overseas-Sport-TaipeiOne of the best motivations for sport teams is to allow them to go Overseas  for training and friendly games. EDU has regular contacts with educational institutions and universities in Malaysia, Indonesia ,Thailand, Macau, Hong Kong and China. Your school may be the best team in Singapore , that is because your school has not met the real challenge from a better team.  In 2008, EDU arranged friendly games between Victoria JC women soccer team with Hong Kong Women Youth National team, this allowed the VJC team to stress out all their players, positioning and strategies. In Singapore, the goalkeeper may be the easiest job but in Hong Kong, she was put to the toughest challenge. Edu Fitness also arranged Hockey games annually for Victoria JC Hockey team to Thailand and Hong Kong to play with the Thai Universities,  HK under 19 National teams and Hong Kong University.


Sports-HK-3EDU also has arrangement with Guangdong and Fujian for the Chinese sports such as Wushu, Basketball, Volleyball, Table-Tennis, Badminton and Swimming. In 2011, EDU brought Singapore Polytechnics 100pax Sports Contingent to Guangzhou for games with Zhongshan University and Sports Clubs for games such as Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Tae Won Do, etc. EDU also arrange residential tranings in Jiangmen Sports School in Guangdong. Jiangmen Sports School has produced a number of Olympic sportsmen. This is something we can understudy from their coaches and trainers and sportsmen.


All in all, Sports Exchange is a good eye opener for local sports talents to learn from foreign sports teams. It also helps to bond the players and appreciate foreign culture and way of life.