Science, Geography & Ecology

Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physic and Ecology


EDU organises camp that relate to a particular subject i..e Geography, Biology, Ecology, etc.


To give for example what can be done in Mawai Eco Camp:


geo_chem1MAWAI Eco Camp is situated right next to a freshwater swamp forest. Within the camp are numerous ponds and also riverine, rainforest and hill-forest habitats in the vicinity.


The diversity of habitats ensures that a variety of projects can be conducted within fairly close proximity of the campsite. This includes projects involving study of water, soil, and the forest. These projects will make use of school subjects including science, mathematics (for quantitative studies), geography and physics.


Comparison study of the peat swamp forest, the freshwater and riverine ecosystem.
Adaptations of organisms to survive in an aquatic environment.


Measuring the biological oxygen demand of the water (or river).
Investigate and observe aquatic fauna and flora.
Observation of life systems in an aquatic environment and inference on the food pyramid or food webs.


Quantifying the oxygen levels in the water column and the quality of the water through chemical analysis.
Measuring the acidity or alkalinity of the water column through pH. How does this affect the life in the water? What else is affected by the pH levels?


Where are the specific ecosystems situated and why?
Where is the source of the river? Where does the water for a freshwater swamp come from?
Profiling the river bottom with the use of a depth sounder.


Measuring the velocity of river flow over a period of time and at different periods of the day.
Determining the light penetration into the water column.