Eco Org Mapping™

Enhancing Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, & Organisational Performance

The PC is not a thing. It’s an organic phenomenon like a river, it flows. It constantly adapts to underlying technology changes, user demands, even market surprises.
Andy Grove, Chairman and CEO of Intel


Humanity is part of nature. The more closely we identify ourselves with it , the more quickly we will be able to discover the sources of human sensibility and acquire the knowledge on which an enduring ethic and a sense of preferred direction can be built.
Dr. Edward Wilson, Professor of Science at Harvard University



What is Eco Org Mapping™?


ecorg-1Eco Org Mapping™ is a unique learning technology that draws insights from growth patterns in nature through the integration of three powerful techniques (1) the technique of free association, (2) experiential learning, and (3) the technique of unstructured principles derivation(UPD) (details are in the methodology section) . Eco Org Mapping™ was developed on the belief that the natural world and the man-made world operates according to similar principles and that many solutions to organisational problems can be found in the natural world.


By learning from nature’s simple and efficient solutions for maximizing growth, Eco Org Mapping™ inspires breakthrough thinking and innovative ways of looking at challenges we face in organisations.


In many applications, from the designing of products to building relationships, and from creating organizational structure to visioning for future growth and company direction, using nature as a model of success, Eco Org Mapping™ helps participants discover innovative principles and solutions that build sustainable performance and growth for themselves and their organizations.




ecorg-2The major thrust of the workshop is to stimulate & provoke participants to develop their own set of managerial and organisational principles derived from their observation of the growth patterns in nature (as opposed to teaching them a set of given principles.) These principles will centre on the theme of enhancing performance at 3 levels : personal, interpersonal and organisational performance.


At the end of the workshop, participants will submit a document detailing the principles they have developed and would like to experiment with at their workplace.




ecorg-3Eco Org Mapping™ is unique, provocative, and counter-intuitive. It is differentiated from all other traditional teaching & training in that it moves from the unstructured to the structured; from what initially appears to be non-sense to making lots of sense at the end. Eco Mapping™ integrates three powerful proven learning techniques: (1) the technique of free association – Participants are exposed to the natural world , they make their observations, find correlations between the natural world and their organisations, and derive principles that apply to themselves, others and the organisation. (2) experiential learning – Participants are taken into virgin rainforest and rivers in which all five senses of the participants are stimulated to maximise and accelerate their learning. (3) the technique of unstructured principles derivation – No models, principles, frameworks are introduced to the participants. They have to do their own search in the world of nature and derive the principles for themselves. When learning comes from themselves, there is greater internalization and ownership.



  • What is Eco Org Mapping™?
  • Framing the assignment for participants
  • Why study nature to derive principles for enhancing personal & organisation performance?
  • What constitutes the natural system?
  • The Behavioural Styles Profiler ™ – profiling human behaviour based on the observation of wild animals from the natural world
  • Learning from Nature Trekking
  • Learning from Nature Cruise on the river (night activity)
  • Learning from jungle survival skills of the Orang Asli
  • Self & group reflection
  • Sharing and presentation of learnings
  • Debrief – making sense of it all


Managers, team leaders, project managers, supervisors , technical and non-technical professionals



Lead Facilitator


Wayne Kwan is the co-developer of Eco Org Mapping™. He is the co-founder & lead consultant of the MAD Center®, the Management Assessment & Diagnostic Centre, a consulting firm specialising in scientifically-validated assessment & diagnostic tools for personal, interpersonal & organisatonal effectiveness. He has more than 20 years of experience in management training, education, research and consulting. He is best known for effectively applying and integrating management assessment and diagnostic tools into training and consulting such as the 3-Sixty Profiler™, Competency Profiler™, Myers Briggs Type Indicator™, & DISC Personal Insights Profile™. Wayne is also author of a number of management publications and has presented papers in international management conferences. Wayne has extensive experience, knowledge and training in applied business psychology & behaviour. He holds bachelor, graduate, and professional degrees in management from both local and overseas universities. Wayne consults with organisations representing a broad spectrum of businesses that include some of the Fortune 500 companies. Some of his clients include the Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore Airlines, IBM, Bosch Group, British Airways, Prudential Insurance, Pacific Internet, Ricola Asia Pacific, and many more.


Other Facilitators


They represent a wide range of experts on nature. Many of them are members of the Nature Society and have written books and articles on living things & animals from the world of nature.