Rafting over Troubles Water

This is a Challenging but Fun corporate team building program using white water rafting and outdoor activities to instil in team members the message of the importance of Team Work and Cooperation in a fast changing environment (White Water Rafting).


The other activity is the Caving where the setting can be an analogy of the team going through unknown and dark times. As long as the team stay as a team and focused, they will soon come out to the exit of the cave and see the sunlight again.


We arrange trip to Gopeng (Malaysia) and Kaeng Hin Peong (Thailand) for White Water Rafting, Waterfall Abseiling and Caving activities. These programs are more suitable for the younger members as it demands more physical activities.

Venue : Gopeng, Malaysia
Challenges : White Water Rafting, Waterfall Abseiling, Caving


White Water Rafting (November & December water may be high, subjected to Safety restriction)

Waterfall Abseiling at Gopeng

Caving at Gua Tempurung


tempurung1Gua Tempurung is the largest limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia stretches for 1.9 kilometers and is made up of five huge domes. Each dome has different formations of stalagmites and stalactites as well as differing temperatures, water levels, content of limestone and marble.



One of the larger cave systems which is found in the scenic limestone hills of Perak, Gua Tempurung impresses with the beauty of its majestic columns of marble inside its huge caverns honeycombed with smaller caves, of different dimensions.



Kaeng Hin Peong is located within Prachinburi province. Here you will wake up to crisp morning air and fine bird songs that echo in the dense green forests surrounding you.


There are several resorts within Kaeng Hin Peong. These resorts offer plenty of activities for the adventure and nature lover. For example: white water rafting, kayaking, abseiling at a 34-feet tower, hovering 100 meters across the river, mountain biking, or just relaxing within the beauty of tropical flowers and various species of bird.


River Rafting in Sai Yai River at Kaeng Hin Peong can be all year round. White water rafting is available only from June to October. Otherwise, rafting on Sai Yai River is another type of experience where you will have more time to observe and appreciate the surrounding nature. Sai Yai River is surrounded by greenery on its both sides. The rafting will attract both adventure and nature lovers. During the low water season, Sai Yai is calm where Nature lovers get to enjoy the charming mystery of the tropical forest.


Khao Pheng Ma situated at the North-eastern corner of the Khao Yai National Park is a well-known place to observe the rare Jungle Guar (Seladang in Malay). Khao Pheng Ma is covered with replanted young forest has observatory towers built for Gaur watching in its wild habitat.