Tetra Map™

My Nature Your Nature



TetraMap™ is a map based on our intuitive understanding of Nature and its elements: Earth, Air, Nature and Fire. It is a simple and effective communication tool which can improve communication and relationships by responding more appropriately to the behaviour of others.



TetraMap™ was developed in New Zealand by Yoshimi and Jon Brett of Learnology. The early works revolved around creating a behavioural model to stop communication violence. Through research and development over the years, Learnology realised that the model could be used to map any natural system and not just behaviour alone. This breakthrough led to the publication of TetraMap™ in 2000.



At the end of the course, participants (youth and adult) will:

  • know themselves better
  • understand how others behave the way they do
  • know the techniques which they can use to get along with other people around them in their everyday life
  • see how TetraMap™ can help them to be a better individual, team player and leader
CONCEPT – The Tetrahedron and the Four Elements of Nature
(Earth, Air, Water, Fire)


pix2Earth, Air, Water and Fire are illustrated to work in synergy by nature and these four elements are present in human nature as well. Everybody has a unique mixture of the four elements and their preferences may change in different situations. TetraMap, which integrates the equal and interconnected theory of a tetrahedron, teaches people to assess the different aspects of nature within human beings which lead to improvement in communication and relationships.


A brief summary of characteristics of the four natural elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) applied to human behaviour is shown below.





TetraMap™ is simple and easy to understand. The concept can be used at any level from organisations and schools to our everyday life. The four elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) complement each other, thus leading to great clarity and understanding of one’s nature which can be used in any individual or teamwork context.