Mr Daniel Lim

daniellimDaniel brings with him diverse experiences in business development, management, training and consultancy. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Leicester and major in International Marketing and Change Management. He was an Associate Lecturer with several commercial schools specializing in the area of marketing and management subjects.


Daniel is a certified trainer by the Master Trainer Institute (New York) as well as an Adventure Training Facilitator (ropes elements). As a certified Professional Value Analyst, he specialized in the integration of various Behavioural instruments with Values profiling into training programs.


He is presently also an Associate Business Advisor with the Consulting division of the Singapore Manufacturing Federation. His expertise includes consultancy in People Developer Implementation, Singapore Quality Class Implementation, Industry Capability and Upgrading Program (ICUP), Service Excellence.


Daniel is competent in Change Management and Business Strategy, Personal Leadership Development, Developing Leaders, Communication Skills (DISC and NLP), CREST courses, Supervisory Skills, Effective Fund-raising (For welfare organizations), Customer Service Assessments as well as Outdoor Adventure Training programs.


Daniel enjoys outdoor activities and is a member of the Nature Society. Daniel is EDU Professional Training in-house facilitator.