Mr Leong Kwok Khuen

leong_kkMr Leong Kwok Khuen is the co-founder of Edu Outdoor Activities (EOA) Pte Ltd and EOA Sdn Bhd.
Kwok Khuen won the prestigious Singapore Technologies Cheng Fook Choon Gold Award for “ Collaborative Engineering Process” and he was also the first Kinetics engineer to be awarded with innovation fund for innovative project development. Kwok Khuen was also the first Kinetics staff granted with ST Entrepreneurship investment to set up Edu Outdoor Activities Pte Ltd as the CEO.


Kwok Khuen is also a TRIZ (Theory of Invention Problem Solving) facilitator and he has facilitated TRIZ Design Training program for more than 300 design engineers.


Kwok Khuen is one of the originators of EcoMapping™, Natural Innovation and Ecohesion™. Kwok Khuen is a member of Nature Society (Singapore) and also a member of Gunung Lambak Conservation committee.