Mr Leong Kwok Peng

leongkwokpengMr Leong Kwok Peng is the co-founder of Edu Outdoor Activities (EOA) Pte Ltd specializing in corporate training programmes i.e. Natural Innovations, Natural Captalism, EcoMapping. His last appointment was with Denka Petrochemical Corporation in Jurong Island as a Senior Manager before he resigned in 2000 to pursue his Master in Environmental Management.
Kwok Peng is one of the originator of EcoMapping™ — together with Wayne Kwan and Leong Kwok Khuen. EcoMapping™ is a programme where Nature is used as a tool to enhance organizational and inter-personal enhancement.


Kwok Peng quitted in 2000 to pursue a master in environmental management. He first join the Malayan Nature Society (Singapore Branch) in the 80’s – main reason then was to join the Endau-Rompin Expedition 1984-85, since only members can participate. His role was to cut trail for scientists to move into.


  • Have been participating in MNS (Singapore Branch) activities ever since
  • MNS(Singapore Branch) broke away to form Nature Society (Singapore) in 1990
  • Became a committee member of the Marine Conservation Group – special interest group in NSS in 1994
  • Help to organise the coral reef relocation project from Pulau Ayer Chawan to Sentosa from 1994 –1995
  • In collaboration with Underwater World Sentosa to relocate a smaller scale coral relocation from Pulau Seringat to Sentosa in 1997
  • Went on the Marine Park of Indonesia expedition (Aseanarean Series) in 1999 organised by the Raffles Marina to document the marine parks of Indonesia
  • Part of the feedback team in preparing the ‘Blue Plan” under the Ministry of Community Development
  • Assist in the publicizing of Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin
  • Currently with a small team, producing a coffee table book to showcase the marine biodiversity in Singapore due to launch next year
  • Also working on the book about the orang asli of Johore
    • Was working as a production manager in the petrochemical industry on Jurong Island all this while since 1984
  • Quit in 2000 to pursue a master in environmental management
  • Join EOA as partner to pursue the business of outdoor education and camps