KOREF Eco Resort

Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (KOREF) is located in Kluang district, Johor. It is the southern-most rice farms in Peninsular Malaysia and thereby the Asia continent.


It is also the only organic rice farm in West Malaysia, adopting the total integration approaches of biological diversity in its farming system. The farm has a total area of 120 hectares and is nestled next to a forest reserve of Sungei Madek, part of the greater forest reserve of Gunong Belumut, the highest mountain in the southern part of Johor state. Water for the farm is channelled by irrigation canal from the clean water of Sungei Madek.




The campsite overlooks the expansive rice fields with the forest reserve acting as a backdrop. Biological diversity is the key component in organic rice farming. Freshwater aquatic life abounds here in the farm, which includes shrimps, amphibians, molluscs, insects and more than 20 species of freshwater fishes.


There are 5 key activities which are specially catered for school programmes that can be conducted within the campsite and farm vicinity. These are the

(a) Primary & Secondary Forest Walk. Orienteering and river trekking can also be included.

(b) Kampongs & Community Involvement Program. Local schools visit can also be arranged.

(c) Organic Rice Farming / Environment Education (Culture Exposure)

(d) Bamboo Rafting / Raft Building

(e) Trekking and Mountain Climbing

(f) Asli Water Obstacles Challenge

Team Building Activities (a, d & f) are water-based activities and will be conducted over a man-made pond with a size of 4 football fields. The depth of the water (even at the deepest) is constant at about 1m because the pond is converted from a flat paddy field.


There will be a large sheltered hall for wet weather program, a canteen, farm chalets for teachers & staff, dormitories for student leaders & helpers, two adjacent camping grounds (boys and girls) with 30 toilets & shower facilities. All in all, KOREF campsite can accommodate up to 500 pax at a time.